We are a young and dynamic company committed to high quality services, result of the experience acquired in the last few years in LowCost business.

Our main goal is to provide a service of excellence at a reduced cost, in which your car is our priority, under surveillance 24/7.

There are two car parks at your disposal: indoor car park and outdoor car park, located at only 250 meters from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, which are fully fenced and surveilled.


Our mission is to provide a service of excellence at a reduced cost.


Excellence, Efficiency, Rigor and Security.


Our facilities include both an indoor and outdoor car parks, fully fenced and surveilled.

Our facilities are covered by a civil liability insurance, which includes all types of risks and damages that may occur, whether on the inside or in between our facilities and the airport.

Indoor and outdoor car parks, limited to unfamiliar people to the normal operation of RoyalParking.

Video Surveillance.

Alarm System.

Property damage, fire and theft insurance.

Highly qualified staff, with a minimum of 5 years driving license.